TUSNE Autumn Newsletter

25th October 2021

Trade Unionists for Safe Nuclear Energy (TUSNE) has published its Autumn 2021 newsletter.

The newsletter concentrates on the ongoing uncertain situations over the Springfields fuel facility, TUSNE's fringe event at Conservative Party Conference and a look ahead to COP26.

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TUSNE at COnservative Conference

5th October 2021

TUSNE was proud to host a fringe event at this year's Conservative Party Conference.

Held in conjunction with Bright Blue, the panel discussion focused on whether the UK can achieve net zero without nuclear.

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TUSNE summer Newsletter

28th July 2021

Trade Unionists for Safe Nuclear Energy (TUSNE) has today published its Summer 2021 newsletter.

The newsletter concentrates on the ongoing uncertain situations over the Springfields fuel facility and the government's support for new nuclear.

Click here or on the image to view the newsletter and read why we firmly believe that no nuclear = no net zero.

Green Financing Framework: It’s time to give nuclear the recognition it deserves

6th July 2021

TUSNE Responds to the Government's Green Financing Framework

After six decades of providing dependable low carbon electricity nuclear is overlooked by the Chancellor

When Calder Hall became the World’s first first industrial-scale nuclear power station in 1956 the UK has been provided with a constant supply of low carbon electricity that has been trusted to keep the nation’s lights on. Often providing 30% of our electricity, nuclear helped the UK gain a reputation as one of the global leaders in decarbonising its electricity supply.

We’re told the UK Government recognises an important role for nuclear reaching net zero by 2050. We know their policy is to build more large and small-scale nuclear reactors and we hear warm words from the Prime Minister in his Ten Point Plan. But nuclear’s sterling contribution has been overlooked yet again… this time by Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

TUSNE is bitterly disappointed and baffled by his decision to omit nuclear from his Green Financing Framework.

If the Prime Minister says there’s a ‘key role for nuclear in delivering deep decarbonisation of our electricity system’ and the Government has stated its intention to pursue further large-scale nuclear projects to achieve net-zero, why then has the Chancellor decided to exclude nuclear from the framework?

Regarded and respected as a world leader in climate change mitigation for so long, the rest of the world watches the UK’s decisions and actions with great interest. Ahead of COP26 surely this is a great opportunity to make a strong statement to the rest of the world that nuclear is a green, dependable, low-carbon sustainable technology and the UK is a global leader?

We accept that attracting investment to new nuclear has always been difficult. Those in the industry know that it has become even more so in recent years. Progress beyond Hinkley Point C has stalled to the verge of stagnation. Our fear is that the Chancellor’s snub will make it even more difficult to bring investors to projects beyond Hinkley Point C. The Climate Change Committee says there’ll be no net-zero without new nuclear. Our members are watching the existing stations start to drop off the grid one by one. Without replacements the carbon gap to net-zero will get wider and wider, while the clock ticks down inexorably to 2050.

Our request to Rishi Sunak is to reconsider his decision. Our message to him is to play fair with nuclear. Its clean, proven and dependable technology has given this nation great service for generations. It’s time to give the industry the recognition it rightly deserves!

Nuclear Energy APPG Report: No New Nuclear Means No Net Zero

30th June 2021

TUSNE supports nuclear roadmap call for urgent Government action to protect jobs and secure climate goals

We the workers in the UK’s nuclear industry and communities welcome the roadmap set out by the Nuclear All-Party Parliamentary Group.

We need decisive action from the Government on the future of the nuclear industry. Our members are facing the prospect of stations closing, a widening of the skills gap and the huge worry that only one station from the current fleet will still be operating in less than a decade. We want to see urgent action to enable station replacement that will provide firm, low carbon electricity for the nation. Without new stations the Climate Change Committee says the UK risks its 2050 net zero target.

We know the value of nuclear to our communities and to the environment. A good start would be to establish a financing model that encourages investors to begin construction before it’s too late and we miss our climate targets. For too long there has been delay which has resulted in real uncertainty, with plans for new stations at risk of becoming stagnated. The Prime Minister says he is committed to new nuclear, but we have yet to see any progress.

As an employee in the nuclear for many years Craig Marshall, Prospect representative at EDF, warns of the impact of uncertainty:

“As closure dates for our existing AGR fleet are being announced, it is massively important for staff to have certainty going forward combined with the ability to retain and develop nuclear skills within communities who have supported the nuclear family for many years.”

Our message is simple: new nuclear capacity is a great chance to drive down carbon emissions while at the same time levelling up regional economies that need a fiscal shot in the arm. We, the nuclear workers, have enjoyed the benefits of the industry for decades and projects like Hinkley Point C is evidence of that. Let’s take this opportunity to provide quality employment for tens of thousands of people for generations to come and a green future this country can be proud of.

Click here to view the full report.

Global Nuclear Industry Open Letter:
Net Zero Needs Nuclear

14th May 2021

World risks losing significant amount of clean power without new nuclear investment

The retirement of nuclear plants will represent “the single greatest loss of clean power in world history” without new investment, the global nuclear industry has warned in a letter to policymakers published today in advance of the IEA’s roadmap to net zero, expected next week.

The Canadian Nuclear Association, FORATOM, the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum, the Nuclear Energy Institute, the Nuclear Industry Association and the World Nuclear Association called on countries to accelerate nuclear investment immediately to avoid backsliding on decarbonisation.

The letter calls for:

  • Clear recognition of nuclear as a low-carbon, clean and sustainable technology

  • Equal access to climate finance for nuclear alongside other low-carbon energy sources

  • New nuclear plants to replace retiring fleets and maintain existing generation levels

  • Expansion of civil nuclear energy across the world to reach net zero, and inclusion of nuclear in individual countries’ emissions reduction plans

Without new projects, more than 100 GW of nuclear capacity will retire globally within 20 years. The United Kingdom, as an early pioneer of civil nuclear energy, will lose its existing capacity sooner than any other developed nation. Half of the current fleet will retire by March 2024, with the first station ceasing generation in eight months. All but one of the UK’s current stations will retire by 2030.

Supporting the letter, Peter McIntosh, Chair of TUSNE, said:

“With COP26 in Glasgow this year, it is more important than ever that global policy makers take up the fight against greenhouse gas emissions, and embrace nuclear energy as a vital part of that. We need to get a move on! Nuclear energy provides high quality, skilled, well paid and unionised jobs. It helps to ensure security of supply and can drive the post-Covid economic recovery. But most of all, it is a reliable, low carbon energy source. Without nuclear there can be no net zero – it’s as simple as that. It's proactivity we need, not procrastination! ”

Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, said:

“Nuclear is absolutely vital if we are to hit net zero as a planet. Nuclear delivers reliable clean power, new opportunities for industrial decarbonisation and good, well-paying jobs for a green economy. The retirements of existing stations right across the world mean we need to act today, or we will lose jobs and see higher emissions. We are calling on policymakers to make the right choices.”

TUSNE Spring Newsletter

25th March 2021

Trade Unionists for Safe Nuclear Energy (TUSNE) has today published its Spring 2021 newsletter, especially aimed at parliamentarians in the run up to COP26 this year.

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New TUSNE Website Launches

23rd March 2021

Welcome to the new website of Trade Unionists for Safe Nuclear Energy! TUSNE has been around for many years as a campaigning organisation of trade unions advocating for nuclear power as part of the UK's energy mix. You can learn more about us by clicking here and get in touch with us at - we'd love to hear from you!